Friday, 10 September 2010

press printing and potato printing

I did some quick tests for community art classes that I taught this week.  The first method is polystyrene press printing.  It's a nice simple introduction to relief printing.  All you have to do is scratch your design into the polystyrene tile using a pen or pencil, roll some block printing ink onto the tile, then print it by placing the tile face down on a piece of paper and applying pressure with your hand or by rolling it with a clean roller.
You can get polystyrene tiles for craft use at 

Next I did some potato printing to get ready for a 'Crafts for Families' class that I started teaching this week.  Again, a simple but effective way of making a quick print.  I printed the heart stamp onto some plain cotton and then sewed it by hand into a little drawstring bag.  Parents can do this activity with their children - if the parent cuts out the potato, the kids can do the printing and then the parent make it into a bag for their child to carry around their toys, slippers or pyjamas.

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