Monday, 21 February 2011

dreams exhibition

I have been making a piece for an East London Printmakers' group exhibition, 'Dreams', which will be at the Freud  Museum from next Thursday 3rd March.  My contribution is 'Flying and Falling Curtains' - block printed and screen printed figures, embroidered onto lightweight muslin fabric and hung as curtains in the museum.

I printed the block print lotus design by cutting my design out of a piece of lino, rolling some textile ink onto the lino using a foam roller so that the ink doesn't slide off the lino (as it would with a hard roller and runny ink), then just pressing the lino face-down onto the fabric.  I used different tones of pink for the lotus prints on flying figues and overlapped the flower images.

After I'd printed the figures, I embroidered them onto the muslin with a sewing machine - I embroidered an outline all around the flying figures in gold thread, and the falling figures (on other curtain, not pictured) are embroidered around with outlines in red thread.  See the East London Printmakers website for more details of this group exhibition.

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