Thursday, 12 January 2012

clasp pouch

Well, I finally got around to making a finished clasp pouch, as I learned on the bag-making course at Morley College last autumn (I made a couple during the course but hadn't quite got it right until the end and didn't have time to finish off the final pouch until now).  I had the pattern pieces for 3 bags, and now have finished one completely...

First I cut out the pattern and marked on it where I was going to sew, using the clasp to check where to stop sewing the base of the bag together.

I also sewed the lining and a piece of calico together (the lining is a thin muslin so I backed it with some calico)...

... and mitred the corners of the lining and bag material.

Here's the finished pouch.  It's about 6 inches wide.  Aside from help in the bag-making course at Morley, I also followed the guidelines of this great online tutorial to make the bag:

I haven't included full details here of how I made this clasp pouch, but if you go to that tutorial, it has great guidelines.

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