Friday, 6 July 2012

t-shirt printing workshop

I will be teaching a t-shirt printing workshop for 8-15 year olds in Forest Hill, London, on August 4th.

I stencilled a couple of images to make a flyer for the workshop...

The first image was a pre-cut stencil from the book "Stencil 101" by Ed Roth.  It's a great book with lots of cool images ready-made (and cut out) for you to use immediately.

The second stencil was one that I designed and cut out of card.

This image was made using 3 stencils - one for the cloud, one for the raindrops (simply because the card wasn't big enough to fit the cloud and raindrops on), and a separate one for the eyes and mouth (because it's a different colour).

I used some repositionable spray glue to stick the stencils to the fabric, then fabric paint and a sponge to stencil them.

In the workshop on August 4th, participants will also print one t-shirt with a pre-cut stencil from the book "Stencil 101", then will make and print their own design on a second t-shirt.

Feel free to email me at: if you have any questions about the workshop.


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