Friday, 25 October 2013

monoprint with dyes on an open screen

I made this mono-screenprint recently on a course I'm taking about creative textiles.  I laid out some string and flour on a piece of paper and placed a blank screen on top, then spread turquoise Procion P dye over the screen with a squeegee, pressing down hard over the textured objects.  Then I painted some yellow dye over the top of this with a pipette.  I then left the whole thing to dry and after it was dry, removed the paper and string (which was now stuck to the screen with the dried-on dye - I had to pull the paper and string off) and printed it onto calico by pulling Manutex paste through the screen with a squeegee...

It made some interesting textures where the traces of string, flour and stuck-on paper interacted with the dye.  I printed it six times (on six different pieces of fabric) before the dye on the screen started to fade too much to make a good image.

I'm planning to use this as a background for an art print I have in mind, and so I'll screenprint over the top of this next with stencils and pigment fabric inks (not dye).

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