Thursday, 11 April 2013

screenprinting using embroidery hoops as screens

Recently I taught a class on handmade printmaking for the Community Learning department at Morley College.  These are some photos of learners making hand-drawn screens, stretched on embroidery hoops, and then screenprinting them onto cushion covers...

Painting over the traced images using screen drawing fluid.  Screen mesh has been stretched in the embroidery hoops.

The "screens" coated with screen filler on top of the dried drawing fluid.  After the screen filler is dry, then drawing fluid can be washed out under a tap, to create a stencil for printing.

Printing the designs onto cushion covers, using textile inks and a small card like an old library card as a squeegee.

Cat stencil design in orange.

Floral design in blue.

Fish and flowers design in brown.

The learners did the printmaking very successfully, and made great printed cushion covers.


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