Saturday, 15 June 2013

yellow lichen print

I've been making a textile print called 'Yellow Lichen' for an exhibition with East London Printmakers at the end of this month.

The inspiration for this print came from a trip to the isle of Arran last year.  Here are some photos...

I made drawings of lichen, then I drew my lichen images onto two screens and filled in the drawn outlines, painting by hand with screen drawing fluid.  I let the drawing fluid dry then coated the screens with screen filler...

 After the screen filler was dry, I washed out the drawing fluid with a hose, and that created the stencil for my prints.

 After some test prints, I began printing my design on some heavy grey linen I had bought for this project.  You can see from the photos that the "kitchen table" aspect of this printing is quite difficult with a large length of cloth.  Apart from showing this print in an upcoming show by East London Printmakers' members, I want to use it for curtains in our living room, but I have to print quite small areas at one time on our dining table, so that I don't ruin the print by a wet area of print touching another part of the cloth.

 The East London Printmakers' group exhibition, 'Going Underground', will be on show in the Shoreditch Town Hall basement from 28th June.

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